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"Who wouldn't want to work for Elton John?" - Rocketman stars at the UK premiere - Smooth Radio - 2019-05-22

Uploaded: 22.05.2019 11:30:08

"Elton John has been cosmically linked to me for years" - Jamie Bell interview - Smooth Radio - 2019-05-17

Uploaded: 17.05.2019 17:27:49

Kids react to '70s and '80s music - Smooth Radio - 2019-05-08

Uploaded: 08.05.2019 11:42:28

Mark Ronson performs 'Shallow' remix at The Global Awards 2019 - 2019-03-07

Uploaded: 07.03.2019 22:28:55

Lady Gaga wins Mass Appeal Award at The Global Awards 2019 - 2019-03-07

Uploaded: 07.03.2019 21:22:24

Michael Bublé thanks his fans after a difficult two years - 2018-11-02

Uploaded: 02.11.2018 15:01:37

Celebrating Michael Jackson's 60th birthday with Myleene Klass - 2018-11-02

Uploaded: 02.11.2018 14:57:52

Smooth Radio 2018 Advert: The Perfect Companion to your day - 2018-06-14

Uploaded: 14.06.2018 09:36:39