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In the 96.4 The Wave archive, You can search more than 375 previous programmes, and can listen to them again. By the filter panel above the archives' list, You can narrow your search with the programme title, and the upload date. Furthermore You can sort the previous programmes by title and date. The list shows the latest programmes by default. In case of any questions, please contact us us on the Contact page!


Loot in the boot winner The Wave Leigh and Claire Days Motor Group - 19.08.2019

Uploaded: 19.08.2019 08:33:51

Coedffranc Primary say thank you to The Wave Jones the Bus! - 05.07.2019

Uploaded: 05.07.2019 06:39:16

if your favourite movie characters were Weslh (and bad at acting) Leigh and Claire The Wave - 01.07.2019

Uploaded: 01.07.2019 08:28:18

Leigh and Claire Ghost Hunt in Swansea’s 1950’s museum - 17.06.2019

Uploaded: 17.06.2019 16:09:54

Car drives down crowded Wind Street in Swansea - 17.06.2019

Uploaded: 17.06.2019 16:03:20

The Apple challenge - 03.04.2019

Uploaded: 03.04.2019 09:02:41

Battle of the Bands 2019 winner announcement - 25.03.2019

Uploaded: 25.03.2019 14:19:50

Battle of the Bands winners ‘I Digress’ - 25.03.2019

Uploaded: 25.03.2019 14:11:02